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Adeptus® Nutrition provides a complete line of premium, science based nutritional supplements for horses, pets and humans, formulated by PhD. nutritionist / physiologist Dr. Colleen Wilson. In early 2000, Dr. Wilson founded Adeptus Nutrition in San Diego, California.

The Adeptus® product offering is truly “Nutrition Based on Science” with only top quality ingredients used in the nutritionally balanced formulas. Adeptus® products are manufactured using the highest quality control standards. Consequently, the formulas are very consistent and true to label guarantees.

The product offering provides solutions to the common supplemental needs of our horses, pets, and ourselves, with nutritional joint and tendon/soft tissue support in the Nimble® formulas, fatty acid coat and calorie supplements in the Gleam and Gain® formulas, organic minerals and vitamins and nutritional hoof support in the Augment® formulas, prebiotic digestive aids in the Invigor® formulas, antacids in Allay®, electrolytes in Persevere®, and nutritional muscle enhancers in Robust®. The reasonable pricing on these concentrated, potent products results in tremendous value.

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Adeptus® Nutrition is a company you can trust for all of your supplemental nutritional needs. All Adeptus® products are fully guaranteed. Dr. Wilson and her staff provide attentive customer service, and are always available to answer your questions. Please peruse our website to view our product offering. If you have questions, please call us toll free at 1-866-233-7887 (1-866-ADEPTUS) or e-mail info@adeptusnutrition.com.