Education & Experience

Adeptus® founder and CEO, Dr. Colleen Wilson, is a Ph.D. animal nutritionist/physiologist as well as a life long avid equestrian and pet owner. Consequently, all Adeptus products are formulated and manufactured using sound science combined with practical knowledge of what your horse or your dog really need. Supplements that carry the Adeptus brand name are effective formulations that have been evaluated for palatability, efficacy, safety, and stability.

Scientifically Based Nutrition

Strict quality control measures are utilized in our manufacturing facilities, which are ISO 9001 and GMP certified. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in our products. Adeptus products are formulated with principles of science-based nutrition. No fad or filler ingredients are used in our products. We use components that have scientific and/or clinical evidence of their nutritional benefits and provide the consumer with detailed label information to aid in the safe and effective use of our products. The consumers can also be assured that the products meet the detailed label guarantees. Our products are made in the USA, and are consistently produced to quality specifications, which ensure that they will be beneficial and effective.

Quality & Value

Adeptus products are also very competitively priced and offer the consumer great value on premium products. Our goal is to provide the highest quality nutritional supplements for horses and pets at affordable prices. In addition to our popular equine nutritional supplements that are in a palatable digestive aid base, Adeptus offers dog products in palatable chewable tablets and granular formulas that are labeled for cats as well.