Prebiotic Digestive Supplements for Horses

Ingredients Defined


YEAST CULTURES are very effective digestive aids for the horse. The horse has a unique digestive tract with a hindgut “fermentation vat” know as the cecum. It is within the cecum that microbial organisms digest fiber from the forage component of the ration. Yeast provides nutrients (a “prebiotic” effect) to the microbial organisms in the cecum, thus allowing for optimal digestion & feed efficiency. Digestive disturbances such as diarrhea, colic & even laminitis, are observed if this microbial population of the cecum is disrupted by stress, excessive carbohydrate, or lack of fiber. Yeast is also helpful in reducing “hay belly”. Mannanoligosaccharides or MOS, are carbohydrates extracted from yeast. MOS promotes the enhancement of beneficial microbial organisms, while harmful bacteria are eliminated.

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