Weight Gain & Coat Condition Supplements for Horses

Ingredients Defined


FATS have been fed to horses for decades to enhance the skin & coat. More recently, fats have been included in the diets of horses to take the place of extra grain in instances where additional calories are needed for weight gain or performance. Fats provide a more focused, calm energy source than large amounts of grains. Pure fat contains approximately 2.5 times more calories than equal weight of grain & can delay the onset of fatigue in performance horses by sparing glycogen stores. Stabilized flax meal is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids (alpha linolenic acid) & other essential fatty acids. Stabilized rice bran provides essential fatty acids plus antioxidants such as tocotrienols & tocopherols, plus gamma oryzanol. Yeast cultures provide nutrients for the normal digestive flora, which in turn are more efficient in digesting the forage components of the diet.

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