Most of the premium pet foods provide adequate nutrition to satisfy requirements for protein, fiber, calories as well as most vitamins and minerals. There are, however, several nutritional needs that are not covered with traditional pet foods. Many of our active and/or aged pets have need for nutritional support of their joints and hips. Adeptus® offers three very effective solutions with Nimble®, our original formula for joints, and the more advanced joint and soft tissue support product Nimble Supreme®. Our comprehensive Nimble Mega Nutrient® offers the convenience of 5-supplements-in-one (joint, skin & connective tissues, coat, antioxidants, & digestive aids). Often our pets experience skin and coat problems and can benefit from additional fatty acids in their diets. Gleam® contains omega-3 fatty acids from both fish and flax. The Gleam Supreme® formula is our potent skin & coat product. For nutritional digestive support, the prebiotic Invigor Supreme® can also be a helpful addition to the diet.