Adeptus provides “Nutrition Based on Science” in a superior line of supplements for horses and pets. Adeptus owner and founder, Dr. Colleen Wilson (Ph.D. Animal Nutritionist/Physiologist) formulated the Adeptus line with proven, digestible ingredients which are blended using top quality control standards. Product efficacy and value, plus attentive customer support directly with Dr. Colleen Wilson, sets Adeptus in a class of its own!

“After what had seemed to be a long polo season my horses were suddenly responding with increased athletic performance. They seemed more “Fresh” in July than they did in January. The only change in my operation was now I was playing in San Diego with Dr. Colleen Wilson on her Adeptus Polo Team and I was using her Adeptus products. My string of polo ponies felt rejuvenated after almost 6 solid months of polo across the United States. The performance increase that Adeptus gave my horses at the end of my polo season gives me confidence and an advantage going into the next polo season.”

Joseph Stuart
Professional Polo Player

“Adeptus products have helped the horses at Copper Meadows Eventing look and feel great. We have seen increased weight gain in our hard keepers, shiny coats on all the horses, and increased stamina during competitions. We ask a lot from the horses in our barn, and with the help of Adeptus products we get the best from them. Several horses in the barn were on expensive ulcer treatment programs which have been replaced with the Adeptus Allay, and we are seeing huge strides in their comfort at and away from home on the product. There is an Adeptus product for every horse in our barn!”

Taren & James Atkinson
Olympic 3-Day Eventers

“The levels of competition and performance demands on our horses are ever increasing. Reining horses are very physical and we ask alot of them as young horses. Ensuring their bodies can stand up to the work with minimal adverse effects and allowing them to have a long show career is very important. The healthier our horses are and better they feel then the better they can also perform. I have spent alot of time looking for supplements for my horses that not only contain enough of the right ingredients but also ingredients in a form my horse can actually utilize. For this reason I have chosen Adeptus. Having the horses in my barn on Adeptus products gives me the confidence that my horses’ bodies have the right nutrients available on a daily basis to repair, rebuild and grow. The Nimble Supreme allows my horses’ joints to be healthier meaning less down time with soreness, less need for injections and a horse happier to do his job. Augment gives my horses a good balance of essential nutrients, including hoof care. No hoof, no horse.”

Bill Norwood
Top Reiner and Working Cowhorse Trainer

“I have been familiar with the Adeptus products for several years now, and have always been very impressed with the in-depth research and development that each product was based upon. I always found it very helpful and educational to be able to talk to Dr.Colleen Wilson in person with regards to the special needs of different horses I was working with. Just recently I was introduced to the NIMBLE MEGA NUTRIENT and INVIGOR. I noticed a great difference in my horses’ interior and exterior well-being. Ever since I started him on these products he is definitely more eager to work because he is more comfortable. He feels good so the work is getting easier for him! It has been the most positive experience I have had with any supplement I have used! Therefore, I also recommended the NIMBLE MEGA NUTRIENT for my daughter Natasha’s showjumper. He is an older horse competing at the High Junior Jumpers. Since he started on NIMBLE MEGA NUTRIENT, he has had his most consistent and successful show circuit ever!”

Christine Traurig
International Grand Prix Dressage Rider and Trainer

“I have been aware of Adeptus for several years and now I’m proud to say I have all of my horses on Adeptus products.  I am pleased they offer top quality products at affordable prices, and Dr. Colleen Wilson is knowledgeable and easy to work with.

When it comes to my horses’ nutritional needs, there is no substitute for quality. Adeptus provides my equine partners with a balanced combination of nutrients, giving them the edge they need to perform at the top of their game. Currently, I am using the Nimble Mega on three competing FEI horses.  I also, love Allay because it has allowed my horses to handle the demands of training by being more relaxed and concentrated on their work. Adeptus has something for all of my horses, from young horses developing muscles, my upper-level horses and the slightly older horses that need to feel good during their work.  I have seen remarkable changes in the health, performance and overall happiness of the horses in my barn and now I have these wonderful products to thank. I would recommend Adeptus to everyone, and with several options to choose from, there is sure to be something created with the specific needs of your equine friend in mind.  I have selected Adeptus as my nutrition partner due to the commitment to equine nutrition excellence.  My horses and I are grateful for your continued support!”

Michelle Reilly
Grand Prix Dressage Rider & Trainer

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